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Spiritual Poems

Spiritual Poems When words mark the passing of a life, it only makes sense that they are spoken or written by someone who has undergone a personal tragedy. If someone writes down the words but has not undergone a tragedy, they will not be able to really speak to the grieving audience. At Messages of Sympathy, our spiritual death poems were written by someone who experienced at close quarters the grieving loss of a loved one. That experience has enabled them to get a powerful message across that is able to speak to everyone who is going through a loss.

The author of these words reached deep down into his soul to find something that would adequately explain what was going on. He was able to put into words what so many people think and feel when they experience a loss. Because of his experience at the time, he was able to communicate a universal truth through the verses.

When words on a tragedy are written, authors often look for answers so everyone can understand why the loss occurred. For some authors, that means writing of a certain faith that is not shared by everyone. This can alienate people who are not of that particular religion. Our author wrote his spiritual poems in a way that they can universally appeal to anyone.

When you choose Messages of Sympathy to deliver your message, you will get:
  • A unique screensaver presentation that brings the words to life
  • Truly moving words that aid the process of grief
  • A beautiful gift to be enjoyed again and again
Our spiritual poems on death remind people that things do not actually pass forever. Instead, they simply change form. That knowledge can give people the comfort they need in a difficult time. It can help them heal. One of the worst things in dealing with the loss of a loved one is thinking they can never be seen or spoken to again. We are able to let people know they are still there. They are in nature, and all around us. They have simply changed the form they are in.

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