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Memorial Poems

Memorial Poems When a loved one has passed, it is beneficial to focus on how your life was enhanced for knowing the person, rather than what you have lost. Every person in your life is able to touch you in some kind of a way. You will then carry a part of them with you wherever you go. Therefore, when someone passes, instead of dwelling on the sadness and loss, focus on the joy that life brought to you. Our poems for memorial services will help you do just that while paying tribute to the person you loved.

It can be difficult, but a funeral or memorial service is truly supposed to be a celebration of life. Dwelling on death is not celebrating life. People want to find a way to be comforted, even though someone they love has passed on. Most traditional words do little to help people with that.

Most words of sympathy come in a traditional card with words written that are skimmed through, only to be forgotten. Those are not as effective as people would like them to be. They do not help the person get through the hard time. Messages of Sympathy offer memorial poems that are in a screensaver presentation and set to music with stunning visuals. Because of its setup, you can even have it come on automatically several times a day to pay tribute to your loved one.

When you use Messages of Sympathy, you will get:
  • The ability to view the presentation in its miniature form before you purchase it
  • A timeless message that will never fail to comfort you in your time of need
  • A perfect gift for every member of your family that can be viewed time and time again
Memorial tribute poems have the power to uplift you. They can help you make sense of what is going on and remember the great times you shared with your loved one. They should not be as much about loss as about life. They should immortalize the loved one so you know that they are always with you. Loss should not be viewed as eternal death, but as eternal life in another form.

For more information about poems for memorial services, visit us online at We can get your product to you within a matter of minutes so you can begin to take advantage of the healing that it offers. You are able to share it with friends and family that have also experienced the loss so everyone can begin to heal together.

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