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Inspirational Poems The death of a loved one is a trying time for everyone. During that time, people reach for comfort wherever they can find it. Some pick healthy ways to get comfort, while others pick more ways which are just short term fixes.

Our inspirational poem begins the healing by gently unlocking the emotional resources that are part of the natural process of grieving. Messages of Sympathy have inspirational poems about death that can be used at a funeral, to send to a loved one, and even for yourself so you can remember the person who has passed and make sense of what has happened.

Typically, words that are written about the passing of a loved one are incredibly sad. They speak of the death, and how the person will be missed. They talk about how that person is not coming back. In a sense, those words miss the entire purpose. Most people believe they will meet that person again in the afterlife. Our inspirational poems address that spiritual need that is so often not fulfilled. Our words remind you of how the person will stay with you through the years until you meet again.

We believe that life goes on in nature, and we pass that belief on through our words. We give people something to hold onto when experiencing a loss that is traumatic. We allow people to feel the presence of the one they have lost.

When you choose Messages of Sympathy, you will get:
  • Words that actually pertain to the loss of your loved one
  • Words that appear to be spoken directly by the person you have lost
  • An audio and visual tool, along with the words, to allow you to start the healing process
Our inspirational poems and quotes are designed to give meaning to the death that has occurred. When "I'm sorry" is not enough to tell someone, our words are able to touch something deeper in the soul of a person. They are able to remind the person about love and hope and the desire to heal.

These words are the first step in the healing process. They can be taken out over and over again in order to help with the healing. They also remind people to keep their loved one close to their hearts.

For more information about our inspirational poems about death, visit us online at Our products can be downloaded immediately, so if you want to send it to someone else or keep it for yourself, it can be viewed right away.

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