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Grief Poems

Grief Poems A death is often difficult to understand. People have a hard time understanding why someone would go away. Often, they feel that the person does not love them anymore. They cannot conceptualize the magnitude of death. Our grief poems are in a simple language with words that both adults and children can understand. This means that kids can finally have the tools they need to understand what death is. They will understand that the person who was lost changed form and will continue to be a part of their lives.

In order for children to properly deal with death, they need to know that the person they lost is still going to be with them. They do not need to feel abandoned or unloved. Our grief poetry does not focus on the sadness, or on language that people will not understand. We focus on the journey of life, and how the body must undergo changes to be a part of the master plan.

When you use Messages of Sympathy, you will receive:
  • Words that speak directly to you and your children about the loss that has been experienced
  • A greater understanding about death and life, and the realization that death is just about changing forms
  • A good way to explain death to your children in a way that gives them hope
Messages of Sympathy poems of grief are uplifting messages that can last a lifetime. Our two minute screensaver presentation uses words, music, and visuals to give you all of the sensory information you need in order to heal.

Your children will be able to understand the natural processes of life. This will help them mourn the loss as well. They will be more equipped to mourn the loss when they understand what is going on.

When you take our journey, you will be able to explore the truth about love and eternal life. While so many grief poems leave people empty, ours actually give you a chance to grow and feel better.

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